Speech and Language Therapy

Hello! I’m Cath Mattison.

I am the Head of Therapies at Brantridge School.




The Speech & Language Therapy Service at Brantridge School focuses on improving the pupils’:

  • Understanding of spoken language
  • Use of spoken language
  • Social communication skills
  • Active listening abilities
  • Conversational skills
  • Emotional literacy and regulation

Because good communication skills are vital in such a wide range of contexts, I also provide help with friendship issues, accepting others’ differences and many more topics.
On admission to the school, the pupils’ speech, language and communication skills are assessed and an individualised therapy program is devised. Therapy is delivered by me and by Zoe, the Therapy Assistant, in close collaboration with teaching staff to provide an integrated approach.
All pupils at Brantridge School receive direct or indirect help to develop their communication skills, as described on the ‘Intervention Pyramid’. The level of provision is allocated according to details of requirements on the EHCP and according to individual needs. Pupils’ progress is monitored and provision is continually evaluated and amended if necessary.
Information about individual pupils’ provision, progress and specific strategies is communicated to parents / carers via reports and emails, and general information – such as the current ‘Idiom of the Week’ – is displayed in the weekly school publication. Parents / carers are very welcome to contact me any time at school.