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Art Therapy

Hello! My name is Lucy. I am the Art Therapist at Brantridge School.




Art therapy is a psychotherapy that uses art materials to express and manage thoughts, feelings and experiences, supported by a qualified art therapist. This is quite different from art lessons and you don’t need to be good at art. The benefits of art therapy may be seen quickly or take time to emerge; processing feelings and learning life skills often takes time and everyone is different. The therapy will be regularly reviewed and adapted to meet individual needs.

Sessions are either group or 1-to-1 and are held on site at the school; each session lasts between 30 to 50 minutes, at the same time once a week. The therapist and student work together and with art materials to help the student express and understand themselves, their feelings and behaviours and to develop emotional resilience. Artworks are stored at the school; at the very end of art therapy, the student decides what to take home and what to dispose of (the school is unable to store work made once the student has finished art therapy).

Art therapists in the UK must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). This ensures a high professional standard and safe working practice. UK law requires that we have written parent/guardian consent before we begin art therapy with a child. This consent may be withdrawn at any time. A student may themselves decline art therapy or decide to withdraw after they have started. If you have any further questions please contact the school and ask to speak to the art therapist.

From my experience working with the school I have found them to have always been child focused and willing to adapt their provision to meet a child's specific needs. - Parent

It took us two years to find a SEN school for our son. He has been going to Brantridge School since February and he has come on leaps and bounds. - Parent

The School is fantastic, with wonderful staff and facilities. - Parent

My son started in September 2021 and he is very settled and understood by Brantridge School. - Parent

My son has done amazingly well since attending Brantridge. He has improved academically and grown in confidence. I could not have wished for a better school for him. - Parent

My son currently attends Brantridge School and is in your Year 5. He has progressed massively since starting here 2 1/2 years ago. - Parent

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