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Student Reporter: Visiting Planetarium

By Support - November 6th, 2020 | Posted in News

Today a weird egg-shaped dome showed up in the South West Room. The person who owned it told me it was a planetarium. All of us had to wait five minutes before we went in, because the man who owned it had to explain all the rules. He let us all in and it was pitch black and extremely large. He had a contraption that projected images of black holes, space and galaxies onto the curved part of the planetarium which was cool.

We learnt about all the planets in the solar system and I learnt that more dwarf planets have been discovered – one of them is called Eris. We first flew over the terrestrial planets (this means that they are solid) Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Even though Venus is not the closest planet to the sun, it is still the hottest. The other planets are gas. Jupiter is so big it can fit all the planets into it and still have room! I learnt a lot today.

By Ronnie Ladd