Tapestry- Online learning journal


All our current parents/carers should have received an invite to join Tapestry. If you haven’t received one then please contact d.harry@brantridge-school.co.uk.

We hope that all our parents will enjoy being able to see their child’s learning journey, providing you with key information on what your child has been learning. We want to encourage all our families to engage with Tapestry by either commenting on your child’s learning or by adding your own observations sharing with us things that you have done at home.

Some questions that have been raised:

Can both parents have access?

Both parents/carers can have access and should have been invited to join, again if we have accidently missed anyone please let us know.

Will this replace the reading records that are sent home?

We are happy for you to continue using the reading records or to switch to recording it on tapestry.

Will this replace the weekly emails home?

No we will still send the weekly communication home as this can include other information that isn’t captured in tapestry.