Our Brantridge Experience

“We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to the management and staff of Brantridge School for the work they have put in to Daniel’s development. When he first attended the school, he was so insecure and confused – life was a mist to him. Brantridge gas cleared that mist and shown him a clear road to a successful future.”


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“It is fair to say that attending Brantridge School has been transformative for Felix. When he started at Brantridge, he lacked confidence in himself both socially and as a learner. He disliked school and saw himself as being poor at learning, he was resistant to working or tackling academic tasks or indeed any task about which he was anxious; he was anxious even about walking on his own from the car to the entrance of the school.
Felix now comes to school happily and confidently, travelling by taxi with some of his peers. He takes pride in his academic work, enjoys the structures of the school and likes taking part in the activities offered. He likes and trusts school staff. The confidence developed at school has enabled Felix to become more adventurous outside school, engaging more readily with others and trying different activities. He reads independently, takes pride in his writing and enjoys showing his mathematical abilities; he has developed keen interests and has some plans for his future, both personally and professionally. Whilst the idea of leaving Brantridge makes him somewhat anxious, as he is so settled there, he is also able to engage with the prospect of senior school and to see this as a challenge which he has the capacities to face, and a stepping stone on the way to the future he is now able to envisage for himself.
As a parent, I feel supported by the school and good communication has enabled me to ensure that strategies used in school can also be employed at home, so that Felix experiences a consistency of approach and so that I am able to use successful strategies to support him.
I have been impressed by the team approach at the school; the school nurse, behaviour team, therapies team and class teachers have worked together to support Felix and to help him develop in all aspects.
I am enormously grateful to the staff at the school for supporting Felix in this way, and so pleased that we made the decision to move him from mainstream schooling, where his experience was one of failure and consequent disengagement, to Brantridge where staff have the experience, the skill and the personal qualities needed to support a child with the range of needs Felix experiences.”

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“Josh and Sam have been at Brantridge for over two years now, and the memory of mainstream school is now fading beautifully in to the distance.   The boys have changed enormously over the last two years. They have grown in confidence, built strong relationships both with adults and peers, and embraced all that Brantridge has to offer.
This term did not start particularly well, but changes to the way the boys are taught has proved invaluable.  The outside curriculum in Mars is extraordinary – I finally have a child who is excited to be going to school – every day!  Hand on heart, I have never been able to say that before!
I love this school – that’s why I became a Governor. I am adamant that Brantridge will continue to be the best place for our amazing boys, and that staff and parents will continue to work closely together to show our boys how dedicated we all are to their success. As another parent said to me once, “Brantridge is the miracle we have been looking for!”


The communication between home and school is excellent.


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