Following advice from UK Power we expect to open the school as normal on Thursday 27th June.


Our Brantridge Experience

“We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to the management and staff of Brantridge School for the work they have put in to Daniel’s development. When he first attended the school, he was so insecure and confused – life was a mist to him. Brantridge gas cleared that mist and shown him a clear road to a successful future.”


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“My son Callum started at Brantridge in January 2016 and all I can say is thank you for restoring his and my faith in the educational system. Up until then Callum’s experience of school was negative in the extreme with no previous school able to comprehend or deal with his difficulties resulting in him being constantly in trouble. Unable to deal with his frustration he constantly exploded and the whole family were subject to his violent outbursts.
Since starting at Brantridge, Callum is a different child more in control of his emotions and actually revelling in doing well. He has a new found pride in himself and is gradually being to believe that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to. He loves all of the sporting opportunities open to him, the trips, the caring staff, even lessons and realises how lucky he is to be in such a fantastic school.
Whilst still having a way to go to take control of his emotions, he has come a long way in four months and I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Josh and Sam have been at Brantridge for over two years now, and the memory of mainstream school is now fading beautifully in to the distance.   The boys have changed enormously over the last two years. They have grown in confidence, built strong relationships both with adults and peers, and embraced all that Brantridge has to offer.
This term did not start particularly well, but changes to the way the boys are taught has proved invaluable.  The outside curriculum in Mars is extraordinary – I finally have a child who is excited to be going to school – every day!  Hand on heart, I have never been able to say that before!
I love this school – that’s why I became a Governor. I am adamant that Brantridge will continue to be the best place for our amazing boys, and that staff and parents will continue to work closely together to show our boys how dedicated we all are to their success. As another parent said to me once, “Brantridge is the miracle we have been looking for!”

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“Sonny started Brantridge in 2012; there has been a steady improvement in his behaviour, but most recently he has come on leaps and bounds. The new initiatives work particularly well with him and he worked extremely hard and won a bike in the school competition .Sonny was over the moon. The outdoor learning has also made a significant difference as he finds concentrating and keeping still very difficult!
Sonny loves boarding at Brantridge, so much so he can’t wait to get back to school after the holidays. He has a good relationship with the staff and I feel very grateful he’s so settled and happy in his school life. THANK YOU.”

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The communication between home and school is excellent.


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