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Our four-legged friend

By Support - October 11th, 2021 | Posted in News

Pupils have been enjoying getting to know Kimmi, a therapy dog who comes to school every Tuesday and Thursday. Kimmi is a Finnish Lapphund, a breed known for its easy-going nature and intelligence. The children love getting Kimmi to do tricks for them and giving him a treat as a reward.

Finnish Lapphunds were traditionally used to herd reindeer and although there are no reindeer at Brantridge, he is settling in well and has become a firm favourite, particularly with the children in the Galaxy group. Pupils in this nurture group are supported on a one to one basis in the dedicated Galaxy rooms upstairs. They continue to follow the AQA curriculum but also enjoy additional practical activities such as local walks, tent making and cooking.

For more information about the Galaxy provision click this link

Galaxy/Nurture Group