Idiom of the Week

By Fiona Wilkins - June 11th, 2024 | Posted in Article

We are delighted that Brantridge’s Idiom of the Week is being shared with a wider audience via the Trust’s social media accounts. At the school we start each week with Cath Mattison, our Speech and Language Therapist, sharing an Idiom of the Week with all the classes. As all our pupils will tell you an Idiom is a phrase that means something different.

Cath noticed that pupils at the school and other young people she had  previously worked with often find idioms very confusing and sometimes quite scary. Think ‘It will cost an arm and a leg’ !

So Cath starting explaining some of the strange things we say with the help of Sam and Sally to our pupils. It is a fun way to start the week, especially when Mr Crocodile makes an appearance in search of cookies! But Cath’s weekly sessions are a fun and valuable learning tool to help our pupils develop their language skills and understand figurative speech.

We are delighted that Brantridge is being featured in this way and that Cath is able to help others who may also find some of these phrases confusing.

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