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Dragon’s Dance!

By Support - July 8th, 2021 | Posted in News

The theme for the first half of summer term was Japan and we had an action packed ‘wow week’ to start us off.  This was the beginning of our bigger summer project examining the Japanese culture and leading into a historical exploration of the origins of the Olympics and Ancient Greece.

We reflected back on our last term on our local area to allow us to identify similarities and differences between Japan and where we live, as well as our study last year in WW2 and Japan’s part in this war.

This WOW week culminated in our very own Dragon Dance inspired by the Golden dragon dance from Japan.  Each class developed their DT skills as they designed and made their own dragon and choreographed a dance, parade or wrote a story to act out.  We all got together on the playground to celebrate the wonderful creations and to watch each class perform their dragon dance / dragon story.  A great amount of teamwork went on behind the scenes between building the dragons, creating and practicing the dance steps and musical accompaniment. It was a joyous display and the boys did so well as both performers and as respectful spectators.  This ties in with our school rules: Be respectful, be kind and be your best.