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What is Monster Phonics?

  • Monster Phonics uses grapheme-phoneme correspondence as the first and foremost approach. Teaching is supported by using colour and monster sound cues to make the grapheme-phoneme correspondence explicit and easier to learn. Directly linking each grapheme and sounds within words makes learning easier and fun. Once a grapheme has been taught, the colour is removed. Not only does this accelerate the learning of phonics, high-frequency words, including common exception words, are also easier to learn.
  • Monster Phonics improves progress for all learners. This is because colour-coding makes learning phonics more memorable. Monster Phonics is a DfE validated scheme and is used across the UK and internationally.


  • Monster Phonics is easier to learn and remember. Monster Phonics helps children to learn and recall spellings by using colour. Each sound and colour is also represented by a monster that makes that sound (a sound cue). This brings phonics to life and makes Monster Phonics highly engaging.

Parental Engagement

  • Monster phonics can be supported at home. Please read the information in the parent letters below to find out how to use this.
  • You can also download the monster sound cards below.


  • 11. All graphemes 4 12


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Monster Phonics Home Learning

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