At Brantridge we believe that children need an exciting, practical and relevant curriculum. Teachers plan lessons to enable children to grow, learn and experience new things. We try to use a hands on approach to learning and to use the children’s interests.

Our curriculum consists of daily English and maths lessons, with a strong focus on numbers, mental maths, spellings, grammar and handwriting.

The other subjects are then taught around a theme or topic. We have chosen topics which we feel all pupils will find interesting and that link to the National curriculum to ensure coverage. Teachers differentiate within this topic and in their classes to ensure that it is suitable for their pupils and meets their individual needs.

Joint planning sessions allow teachers to share good practice and to work with therapists and the Behaviour team to ensure that there is access to a language rich curriculum and that the learning environment aids learning. Teachers, therapists and Behaviour also work together to offer modified timetables for certain pupils so that they can access a needs led curriculum, learning through activities which motivate them and allow them to learn in a different way.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum please contact the Deputy Head, Ms Danielle Harry by email: d.harry@brantridge-school.co.uk or tel: 01444 400228