Galaxy class follows the Explorer pathway

Class teacher: Terry Horton

In addition to our class groups that accommodate up to 8 pupils, we are able to offer one to one support to individual pupils who currently cannot access the main classes. This nurture provision, which is known as Galaxy, operates on the first and second floor of the main building and allows children the opportunity to develop in their own space.

The pupils follow the AQA curriculum with plenty of practical elements and a focus on celebrating success. In addition, the pupils are able to take part in activities such as cooking, tent making and local walks.

All of the pupils in the nurture group will stay in touch with their base class and will continue to do some activities with their peers as appropriate. The aim is that children will reintegrate into class when they are able to do so.

Due to the personalised nature of this groups timetable we are unable to share it on the website. If you would like more information on what your child is doing this term please contact Mr Horton on thorton@brantridge-school.co.uk

Pupils in Galaxy have the opportunity to work towards these AQA awards (click on the headings to find out more):

Should you have any queries about the curriculum, please email Danielle Harry at d.harry@brantridge-school.co.uk