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Amberley Trip

On Wednesday the 16th June, Mars and  Titan class went on a trip to Amberley working museum. The children were introduced to the museum by Louisa, who very kindly gave them a brief about what sort of place the museum was, as well as why it is a ‘working’ museum.

Most of the trades that the children witnessed there were still going today, for e.g. ironmongery, pottery and printing. The children enjoyed the short train ride using old fashioned tickets; they loved the hands on expositions: Telecommunication and Connected to Earth, where they looked at how the telecommunication system had changed since it was first invented, as well as how motor vehicles have developed. The electricity exposition was a hit with the boys, as they had so many things to try and test, all related to how electricity and current work. The children took part in a team exercise, where they had to work together to put together a wooden wheel, that had been taken apart on purpose for them to assemble. We ended the day with a walk up the chalky ridge all the way to the top to take in the amazing views for miles of the Sussex countryside. Although it was a hot day, all children enjoyed it.

The School is fantastic, with wonderful staff and facilities. - Parent

My son started in September 2021 and he is very settled and understood by Brantridge School. - Parent

It took us two years to find a SEN school for our son. He has been going to Brantridge School since February and he has come on leaps and bounds. - Parent

From my experience working with the school I have found them to have always been child focused and willing to adapt their provision to meet a child's specific needs. - Parent

My son currently attends Brantridge School and is in your Year 5. He has progressed massively since starting here 2 1/2 years ago. - Parent

My son has done amazingly well since attending Brantridge. He has improved academically and grown in confidence. I could not have wished for a better school for him. - Parent

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