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Alien landing at school!

By Support - October 20th, 2020 | Posted in News

This is the second of our Student Reporter articles, a diary entry from Harry about an alien landing in the school grounds!


Suddenly, a spectacular thing happened, aliens crash landed in our big green field.

Layo is a small little alien from Datairian who sneakily snatched an escape pod and left his home fuming with rage. Now he is lost. He must be feeling petrified!


Layo must still be feeling worried and scared because he is lost on a strange planet. Slowly dripping down from our classroom window, we noticed some transparent green slime. This means that Layo must still be creeping around our classroom window at night, looking for food.


Before our taxis arrived, we made a special gift box for Layo the alien. We filled it with nature from around the school so that Layo can remember his trip to planet earth.

By Harry