Access All Arts Week

By Fiona Wilkins - June 27th, 2023 | Posted in Article

We had an exciting week taking part in Sky Arts ‘Access All Arts’ Week from 19-23rd June. Access All Arts week is a nationwide, week-long celebration of the arts, specially designed for primary schools. This year’s theme was identity and pupils were encouraged to use the arts to explore their own individuality and what makes each one of us unique.

We took part in a number of workshops and activities during the week with the aim of having a taster of as many of the ten different art forms that had been resourced as possible during the week.

On Tuesday all the classes took part in a digital art workshop where pupils used 3D pens and iPads to be creative. On Thursday the upper school took part in a mixed media workshop where they decorated pieces of wood and created other artwork using a variety of different materials. They learnt how to make a stencil and were encouraged to get creative. Everyone found the morning workshop very relaxing and were delighted with their finished works of art.

Some classes also delved deeper into the Arts Week resources; for example Zephaniah Class explored topics such as image making, sound, movement, mark making and spoken word with activities all based around identity. They learnt dance routines, made stop frame animations, created poems and raps and tested different instruments.

Saturn class took part in a workshop that focused on 3D drawings and 3D glue paintings. They also started to look at their new focused-artist, Vincent Van Gough and created their own Starry Night.